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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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hopefully we have shows you the starting points. for matt and kmele, i am kennedy. good night. lou: good evening everybody. the republican party appears to be a victim of multiple personality disorder. and as you might expect, mixed and contradtory messages are among the symptoms. many of which are originate with house speaker john boehner. over the past year, speaker boehner has changed his mind about illegal immigration at least nine times. at least nine times. and whether to pursue immigration legislation in the house. "the wall street journal" today reported, mr. boehner told participants in a las vegas fund-raiser last month, he is quote, hell-bent on getting immigration done this year, end quote. boehner's top spokesman, brendan
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buck could neither confirm or deny the speaker's statements before then issuing a press release reading quote, nothing has changed. as he said many times, the speaker believes step by step reform is important but won't happen until the president builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to the rule of law. but the boehner twists and turns on this issue are a part of the public record and here now, the dizzying timeline. on the 6th of february, boehner declared immigration reform was no longer on the house agenda for this year. >> there is widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws. and it is going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes. lou: just one week earlier boehner reportedly floated an amnesty proposal at the annual republican retreat in maryland and then told reporters at a
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post-retreat news conference, quote, i think it's time to deal with it, end quote. on december 5th, in his weekly house leadership news conference he said he was, undecided. on october 23rd, he was quote hopeful about moving immigration legislation. a sentiment that he also shared in july of last year. but, just two days before he called immigration reform unlikely, he claimed the reason was because he couldn't get at least half his caucus on board. it is unclear whether mr. boehner now finds mr. obama to be fully trustworthy. whether there is a conversion at hand on the part of mr. obama, or, whether trust is even a concern any longer, for mr. boehner. it was just last night that asked congressman michaelly about the dangerous game that the republican party, or at least a number of its members are playing now.
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republican party through the efforts of goodlatte and the judiciary committee took leadership on issue of immigration and just trashed it and thrown it away. it is as if paul ryan and eric cantor and those who want to pay cute in the republican decided to trash republican chances in the midterms. this could be facilitating the suicide of the republican party and it is that serious and people are acting like, well, we're elites in washington, whether we're republican or democrat we can do what the hell we want. >> i can tell you that the people that sit in conference they don't say those things. they say it is time to go to the conference table and sit down and talk seriously. where i come from in western pennsylvania whether it waddles like a duck an quacks like a duck it's a duck. there are pieces we don't like. ask what they should be doing -- lou: you said the bill. >> the piece you're talking about mr. cantor and ryan that is the senate piece, right. lou: right. >> in the house of representatives i don't think there is strong belief that that
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piece is the piece that should go forward. lou: joining us genevieve wood from the heritage foundation where she is contributor to the foundry, publication of the organization. great to have you with us, genevieve. >> great to be on. lou: this is starting to look like quite a cute and clever game that the leadership of the gop and the house is playing. >> well i don't know if it's a game or exactly what it is, lou, but if it is true what is reported in "wall street journal," i guess the speaker may have to learn what is said in las vegas doesn't stay in las vegas. the fact is, they're going to do a great disservice for themselves going into the midterms. all this chatter about immigration reform and fact wanting to bring it up again is going to depress the conservative base who does not trust the obama administration, does not trust gop leadership in the house to hold, to hold up a bill in the senate conference which is of course this would go to and make sure that border security was first before we did anything else and that we took a
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step by step approach. so i don't know what president obama has done in the past week, month, six months, that would suggest to john boehner, he is now trustworthy on the issue of immigration? i don't see the record there. lou: you don't see it. many people don't see it, but the clear statements are these. the republican party in the personal of congressman paul ryan congressman eric cantor and speaker john boehner are clear where they're headed and the rest better hang on. what do you think the impact will be on the republican, the republican turnout and republican results in november? >> i find it interesting, lou, they're not making these comments, i don't believe to conservative gatherings, conservative groups, to voters. anytime it is brought up they actually deny it. that would tell me they know, if they go this route, they're going to really hurt their chances of republicans taking
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back the senate in november. and i think if john boehner and others want ever to do anything in the house and have partnership in the senate they probably like republicans to take back the senate. so, i don't get the strategy. forget the fact it is not the right thing, that's number one. they ought to be doing a step by step approach. they ought to be securing our border before they do anything else. that is first and foremost. secondly i think it is bad politics. lou: bad politics it is also bad conduct, isn't it, when people lie. >> yes. lou: and hide from the public their obvious views they apparently don't want anyone to know about until it is way too late. speaker boehner wouldn't move until after the primaries which is interesting thought in and of itself. the republican party as you know is raising lots of money. the pacs, super pacs are raising lots of money. some more than at this stage, more than they raised in 2012
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presidential campaign. so things look strong from that front. again the republican party doesn't demonstrate, any, any ground operation or ground game if you prefer. that really leaves open the question, how well can they do whether it be the house or the senate? >> well, look, i think there are some republicans who are slowing leadership on this. people like congressman raul labrador of utah. lou: idaho. >> shows leadership on this i think he made some smart remarks on lately but i don't -- look, immigration reform, the kind talked about, the "gang of eight" in the senate which is amnesty bill we all know, what the white house is for, is not good for country. may be good for the obama administration, democrats. they think it might be good in the midterm. i don't see how it helps republicans. the strategy doesn't make sense. lou: all right. genevieve wood, heritage foundation. great to have you with us.
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>> great to be here, lou. lou: while immigration reform hangs in the balance apparently, the obama administration delaying a decision on the keystone pipeline once again. the sixth such delay in the past three years. the state department announcing that it would extend the comment period, isn't saying how long the delay will require but claiming it wants to wait until the nebraska supreme court makes a decision on the path of the proposed pipeline in nebraska. the delay could conveniently push a decision on issue until after the midterm elections. i suppose that is coincidence, don't you? >> on wall street, markets closed on observance of the good friday holiday. funding for startup companies in this country surging 67% in the first quarter to the highest level since 2001. software and biotech receiving most of the money out of the
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nearly $9.5 billion that vcs put forward. microsoft reporting it sold more than 5 million of its xbox one consoles since the launch in november. rival sony, however, sold seven million of its playstation consoles. sales of videogames at retail stores down 28% last month but games delivered over the internet, a 21% increase in sales. so the industry, pretty healthy. stay with us. we're coming right back. it appears that deal between the united states and russia on ukraine is a no deal. former kissinger senior advisor, goldman sachs vice chairman, robert hormats, next. you, my friend are a master of diversification.
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lou: two billion christians around the world schedule waiting this good friday. in the philippines some 20 men reenacting the crucifix, nailing themselves to the cross. house minority leader nancy pelosi taking part in holy week activities herself. washing the feet of two children to, as she put it, honor the dignity and work of immigrants. pro-russian insurgents in eastern ukraine rejecting the john kerry-negotiated geneva agreement today, refusing to disarm, refusing to leave the government buildings they have seized in a dozen cities, some demanding secession from ukraine, and annexation to russia. also today, the uss destroyer cook, getting some company, nato annonocicing i it t is sending t after nato rapid rye action force to the baltic sea, a multinational group of five
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small ships, four mine sweepers a support vessel and the united states announcing this week it will send more, so-called non-lethal aid to ukraine, including helmets and sleeping mats. joining me now, former undersecretary of state for economic affairs, vice chairman of kissinger associates incorporated, robert hormats. robert, it is awfully good to see you here. it is sad, however to see you and have to talk about a country as confused and confounded as the united states obviously is now when it comes to our policies toward russia. what are your thoughts about these events and where they're likely to lead us? >> it is a troubling environment. ukraine is a country that has been poorly governed for decades. its economy is in deep difficulty. it is divided country and awfully hard to sort this out at this point, particularly when you know that the russians have already made this move in crimea
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and have 40,000 troops on ukraine's border. that is troublesome. this deal, looks good on paper, but as you just pointed out, lou, there are very powerful groups on both side that don't support it. so unless you can get people on the ground to support what's written on paper, the risk of one group blowing it up or another group glowing it up increases substantially. lou: there is this fiction, that has risen around this, and, it is obviously the intentional construct of the obama administration, somehow the united states will be able to shape events and outcomes, in a region where we have no military, we have no influence whatsoever, and no relationship with russia despite the president's, well, intimmation, that he and vladmir putin were, communicating well, if not as brothers, at least as long lost
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cousins. turns out they don't much like each other at all. >> i do think they're not the best of friends. i do think as you say it is awfully hard to shape events. russia is right on the border of ukraine. it is in a better position to shape events. than we are simply because it has these forces there. we do have a role to play i think in trying to get the various parties at least to deescalate some of the tensions in the hope that you will not get a flare-up where one group kills another. that serves as pretext for the russians moving in with a greater degree of force which of course is a risk, if right-wing ukrainians kill russians who are demonstrating in their own passionate way, you could easily get this or you could get russians killing ukrainians, adding, adding fuel to the fire as well. lou: you know, you remind me it is my job also to point out that we've had a remarkably small
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number of casualtyies and killed, in ukraine despite the fact that as early as february 6th, sergey lavrov announced that russia would be forced to intervene. they haven't done so in large force. they have not done so violently in point of fact. are you surprised at the rather calm and business-like, yeoman work they're doing in statecraft? >> i think both side really would like to deescalate this. i think the russians, for one set of reasons, that is, they feel they could increase their influence in eastern ukraine without moving troops there, by intimidation and by supporting pro-russian groups in eastern ukraine. i think the west does not want a big confrontation with the russians on a military basis and a lot of people in the west want this to settle down because many people, particularly in europe,
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have very close trading relationship with russia and if this thing really blew up it would adversely affect financial and energy and commercial ties. lou: i think we can call it what it is. it is an utter dependency on the part of europe on russia which in and of itself just about determines the outcome i would think of, of these events. >> well i think the certainly western europe depend heavily on russia for markets and for energy and the financial markets in places like london on russian finance. russians also depend heavily on western europe. the russian economy is not in good shape. growth rate is one, 1 1/2%. western europe is big market. the russians themselves have economy where half the revenues depend on energy export and energy in general. a lot which is exported. they do not want to be in the position of cutting that off. it hurts their own budget and lack of trade weakens the economy which doesn't need to be
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weakened any further. lou: can i offer a counter point to that for consideration? that is all that you say is exactly correct as always but the fact is russia has higher reserves than we do. they have less debt than we do. they have a currency that is absolutely feebled and in desperate, desperate need of a lot of support. but this is, this is a country that has come a long ways from the dark days of the early 90's when the soviet union collapsed. so many respects they're better than we are, in trade debt, national debt. >> i wouldn't want to trade places with the russians they have a lot of their own problems. we have a very dynamic economy. their economy is very -- lou: do we get to choose who we trade places with? >> that is country i wouldn't want to. they're so heavily dependent on oil. they're not diversified. they're not very innovative.
10:20 pm
they do have a lot of reserves, $500 billion in reserves but they have essentially no capital market. it is a very truncated capital market. they need to borrow and roll over a lost debt and in this environment they're not getting much new investment and they will not find it very easy to deal in the capital markets even if there are no additional sanctions. lou: and we know there won't be, don't we? because this administration's made that clear, satisfied with what, the status quo at least that currently exists. status quos are wont to do. bob hormats, it is great to see you. i wanted to talk to you about the asian pivot. i hope you come back soon and pick that up. >> i would be happy to come by. lou: this administration in the darnedested times find pivots. i'm impressed. >> the one thing we need to draw from this, we need to strengthen our trade ties strengthen our security ties with western europe. the western europeans, believe our taper is not just the
10:21 pm
federal reserve. they feel we have really diminished as a result of a lot of factors, our intensity of the our economic and our political relationship with them and we need to strengthen that. lou: i absolutely agree, as always. >> thanks for having me, lou. lou: robert hormats. great to see you. >> pleasure thanks. lou: time for a long on last night's poll and results. russian president putin has no interest invading alaska. we asked given all that occurred over last few months, do you believe him? 38% of you said yes. 62% said no. we have to have these fun polls every once in a while along with the very, very serious ones. be sure to vote in tonig's poll. the question tonight, do you believe president obama has fundamentally transformed america as he once promised? cast your vote at later we'll have the quotation of the evening. a nebraska elementary school is apologizing after
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distributing a flier with questionable advice how to deal with bullies. the rules advising students not to at that time tell, stating quote the -- at that time till. the number one reason bullies hate the victims because the victims tell on them. this from a school, mine you. while another rule told students not to be a sore loser. there was no rule about just punching them square in the teeth. which i personally highly recommend over the course of my life found very effective. like to hear what you think. give us, give us a yell and offer your thoughts, lou at lou doobs dot-com. we're coming back. we'll have more fun guaranteed. no improvement in new polls for president obama. record low marks on the economy. harvard university economics professor, martin feldstein on jobs, the markets, the obama economy.
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♪ with equity experts... who work with regional experts... that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. lou: new poll from gallup, shows fewer than half of americans
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have confidence in president obama to do the right thing about the economy. only 42%. that is the lowest rating on record for this president. here to talk about the obama economy and the directions in which we are headed, noted harvard economist, chairman of the council of economic advisors under president reagan, martin feldstein. great to have you with us, marti. >> great to be with you again. lou: these numbers, they are just that, numbers and reflection of what people are thinking and feeling, this president couldn't do much, much worse even though things are arguably, considerably better than when he took office? >> well things are getting better but they don't give him any credit for it and rightly so, no administration policies are helping economy along. lou: can you find a comparison apt in economic history that the
10:27 pm
policies the president is following and the tone he is setting, when it comes to business and comes to public policy, whether redistributionist, whether it be actually trying to restore prosperity, imagine that. >> i'm not enough of a historian. i suppose there were years in the roosevelt administration when he was attacking business and making things worse and pushing economy in direction of government control. i think to some extent, president obama would like to see himself in that mold. lou: this week you asked, i believe it was the second question at the new york economics club of fed chair janet yellen. you asked about what is her response inflation rising above the 2% target, whether she would respond. you didn't have a follow-up, so i have to answer? >> no i did have a follow up.
10:28 pm
lou: were you thrilled? >> thrilled, it is hard to get me to feel thrilled. lou: i'm trying here. come on, marti. >> i thought she did a very good job. i wrote a piece you and i talked about in the "wall street journal" a fuse weeks ago. lou: right. >> i wrote that the fed doesn't seem to care about inflation. lou: right. >> when they talk about price stability, they mean raising interest rate 2% and don't seem to care what goes above it. so i specifically asked her how they would respond if the inflation rate was above, 2, 2 1/2% and rising. and her answer was a good one. she said, we are a 2% target fed. we would respond if inflation rate was above it and still slack in the economy. lou: marty, no economist has more my respect than you.
10:29 pm
however, when she talks about a transparent fed as bernanke did as well. do we really think she would have said anything else and do we believe her looking at economy, i don't know know anybody who figured it out? >> they h about inflation before. that is why i said the question. lou: right. >> i think the american public needs to know, they care not just about unemployment but also about inflation and that if. if inflation was getting high and slack in the economy they would do something about it. that is very important. i think she gave the right answer and we have to wait and see whether the fed delivers on that when the time comes. lou: this country has lousy savings rate. it is crippling and difficult for retirees in this country. 20 million people remain
10:30 pm
unemployed. a third are chronically long log term unemployed. all this is fine. >> it is not fine. lou: it is terrible. what i mean by that all this discussion about fed policy is great. we have to have strong and positive leadership from business, from academia as well, from all quarters of our society i think there is good argument to be made, we have a lot of people who should be leading, resigned and retired from the field. and i think that's a dam shame. we can sit here and complain about obama all day. i'm no more impressed of the leadership of republican party. i'm no more impressed by business leadership, multinationals, chamber of commerce. i mean i don't understand we tolerate this kind of enui in our society? >> you and i know what kind of
10:31 pm
changes need to be made to the tax code. to so-called entitlement program there is no willing necessary to work on that. thing that strikes me going back to my years in the reagan white house, president reagan got tremendously important tax bill passed. >> right. >> brought the top rate down to 28%, big social security reform at a time the democrats controlled the house throughout the eight years in the white house. lou: you're talking about the knit 86 reform act? >> 83 social secure and eightsy six tax reform act. -- '86. the important point is president reagan working with the congress was able to get things down even though the democrats controlled the house of representatives throughout his time. so i think, you can't blame,
10:32 pm
there's a lack of leadership in the white house that means we're not seeing the kind of negotiations that need to be made. >> i certainly stipulate that quickly and accede to it immediately. i, i also would like to see some people stand up in this country and start talking about the interests of the country. rather than some of their businesses. rather than people start expressing strong view about our future and strength of destiny about the money they're investing. seeing business investment rise dramatically. i like to see capital repatriated. i would like to see business practices that cut and absolutely slice through our middle class in this countries reverse. we can't get people to talk honestly about it. do you think that will change? >> i think when demand begins to pick up which will happen, never
10:33 pm
invest to talk about positive gain. economy less than 2% last three years. to get anybody in the business community to feel very optimistic. lou: not soviet just sigh key well when they might have added ebb buell yens to the equation. marty, always great to talk you. >> will do. lou: professor martin feldstein. ad i hadly -- admit he hadly more difficult to certain truth in today's nation capitol. neither democrats and republicans seem committing themselves to something so elusive which leads to our quotation of the evening on truth. gandhi said, an error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does
10:34 pm
truth become error because nobody sees it. end quote. mahatma gandhi. jimmy kimmel topping jimmy fallon in the late night ratings war first time. of the focus on hit series scandal. a good way to go. fallon continues to dominate late night, attracting 4.8 million viewers on average since debuting in february, compared to kimmel's 2.5 million. we're coming right back. president obama seemingly giddy with joy about obama care. but no joy for democrats up for election. judy miller and ed rollins why the president is seemingly so lonely in his ebb buell yens. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online
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have to tell you this will be a lot of fun. this will be, i have to say, wouldn't be very exciting. this is ray amazing technology. speaking of amazing, left-wing activist group media matters, so strongly, for so long supported organized labor and unions, is fighting unionization by the service employees union. they're so fickle. media matters battling its own employees. all they want is a union. can't say lawyering. they have attorneys high-priced ones at that, after they rejected an effort by the seiu to organize, media matters staffers threw a card check collection according to seiu petition filed with, one of our
10:39 pm
favorite agencies, national labor relations board. the left out in splendid attire for awards evening. honored bit society for professional journalists. honorees, include, nbc, abc, cbs, cnn and al jazeera. america. all receiving sigma delta key awards for exceptional journalism. i certainly believe they are all exceptional in their own ways. joining me now the a-team, former reagan political director, fox news political analyst, republican strategist, ed rollins. fox news contributor, pulitzer pried winning journalist, judith miller. great to have you both with us. >> thank you. lou: judy, this pretext as part of the obama administration, kerry spending endless hours in concentrated negotiation with sergey lavrov, his counterpart, and poof we have no agreement. poof, i think, poof,.
10:40 pm
poof. >> now you see it, now you don't. i have to agree with bob more mats you -- hormats you had on the show. lou: did i? i was so busy on my google glass. >> with your glasses i think both sides have interest in the agreement holding but they don't control the players. lou: do you really. >> they don't have any interest in that. 50, 50, if works. >> is think anything about the administration indr intended to function correctly? is there any results oriented aspect of this administration? if it is it has alluded many people's comprehensive shun? >> put on your google glass and ask. lou: i will. >> i difficulty -- lou: i will put these damn things on, ed and i will excuse
10:41 pm
you. >> the difficulty, now, the president has is that they for all practical purposes they're almost lame duck. nothing will happen between now and midterm. all the dialogue about immigration reform, what have you, there will not be a budget agreement. they will basically stay within the numbers. might as all go home and run for re-election. from the president's perspective he is where george w. bush does, people are ready to turn the corner including his own party. they're waiting for the hillary administration or whatever comes next. lou: something, new, bold and fresh. >> something whatever, the bush-clinton race. i think to a certain extent really not much he can do. they're not willing to take the steps they need to, and i think to a certain extent they just kind of adrift. lou: so what about the republicans? i mean hillary clinton, has, i think it is a 67%. a 50% lead in the polls. looks like she will be anointed, coronated, and jeb bush is jumping in here. john boehner and gop leadership
10:42 pm
in the house, judy. they seem if they want destroy the republican chances for victory in november. going after illegal immigration. acting with considerable, i might say, less than candor on the issue. trying to do a closed-door, closed-door, back-room deal. >> look, i think for boehner this immigration issue to his party, what the keystone pipeline is to the democratic party, and that is they are both election loser for them. and want to run away from them as fast as they can. boehner, as you pointed out again and again is all over the map on this issue. he can not -- lou: nine reversals. nine reversals in a year on the issue of illegal immigration. >> exactly. but he is in a very tough spot because he wants to do what he thinks long term is going to help republicans. and short term is going to cost some of them perhaps their seats and they don't like it. >> the difficulty he faces every time you get to before business
10:43 pm
groups, someone says we have to have immigration reform, republican party in the future we have to get the latino vote. the truth of the matter you can't make this legislation go through prior to an election. it is a long, drawn out process. took us five years before eightsy six and rejected twice by the senate and house -- '86. when you had bipartisan senator to get the '86 bill. my advice, boehner be quiet. do the necessary work they have to do and get the heck out of here. lou: i think it is interesting how serviceable ed's advice is to both parties. >> you don't have, you don't have to be there every day. there are periods of time when the congress has gone home and certain extent they ought to go home. lou: judy, ed, thank you so much. i'd topping his earlier advice. just get out of town. reminder to vote in our poll, our online poll. do you believe president obama as he promised five years ago has fundamentally transformed america? vote at
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tweet your response at loudobbsnews. look forward to hearing from you. bad news for hawaiian companies, and state legislators in both chambers agreeing late yesterday, police officers will no longer allowed to have sexual relations in prostitutes in course of pursuing their undercover investigative duties. hawaii was only state if you would like to know that permitted law enforcement officers to do that. that's over apparently. up next, chicago, tallying a major decline in violent crime, but a new report find that mayor emanuel could be cooking the books? fox news correspondent mike tobin with the exclusive report next. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people sting billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. lou: our word of the evening. boehner has been somewhat overeager on occasion to please his masters. the his masters are not the
10:48 pm
725,000 people who make up ohio's 8th district. his masters are generally found on k street, the lobbyists who george themselves on the billion 1/2 dollars given them to push through amnesty and open borders no matter what. our word tonight then is subterfuge, as in the deception or the chicanery necessary to achieve an often unspoken or hidden agenda. we don't mean to be unkind but it is a relevant word. subterfuge, something the mayor and police department of chicago may have also some acquaintance with. should go earning reputation as murder capital couple years ago, with 528 people murdered. things began to improve under mayor emanuel, and city superintendent gary mccarthy. murders declined 20% or so we
10:49 pm
had thought. new reports say that the chicago police department has been cooking the books about violent crime stats. fox news correspondent mike tobin has our report. >> by all appearances vendettas had been on ice over the winter. brakes and bullets eight shootings the other night. distinction of 36 shootings in 36 hours. this as chicago magazine publishes an investigation claiming that city leaders manipulated at that cities ticks to -- statistics to look like rapidly decreasing in violent crime. >> this is violation of public trust that mayor emanuel and superintendent gary mccarthy are public servants. they are paid by our tax dollars. we deserve the truth from them. >> cops claim the report is patently false and slam reliance on anonymous sources. >> i'm troubled about it hurts our credibility while trying to
10:50 pm
build credibility so i is really troubling. >> following last night's flair of gun violence and mayor rahm emanuel and superintendent gary mccarthy called for increase in bike patrols in troubled neighborhoods and increase in gun laws. >> we need to change our gun laws, to make sureur strategy of more streets on the street, kids, guns and drugs off the street is effective and coordinated as we can about. >> for a long time superintendent mccarthy has been pushing tougher gun law to discourage third party or straw purchases of guns and truth in sentencing to keep gun offenders off the street until their time is served. at the same time he advocates an easing of drug laws, for minor offenses to take that burden off police. in chicago, mike tin, fox news. lou: mike, thank you. a warning about violations of our rights to privacy and nsa has nothing to do with it. stay with us. stay with us. my commentary is next.
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lou: billionaire social media maven was so distressed that the nsa had transgressed a about his privacy and his users he called the president personally. however many of us are far more concerned about the transgressions of the technology of the social media elite whose power is unconstrained and whose intrusions on a daily basis are widespread and to this point not to act. durbin media executive, head of the german media company declared business leaders all around the world are so concerned about google's
10:55 pm
economic and political power and in fact, google is at this moment an unstoppable force in the world. he said without equivocation we are afraid of google. he went on to accuse them to be a digital superstate to be part of a global network of companies that he says constitutes a monopolistic force. with his open letter to the ceo he set out right then and his colleagues dare speak out against google publicly as they fear for themselves and the health of their businesses. nobody knows as much about his customers as google, but he added you yourself said in 2010 we know where you are. we know we're you have been. we can more or less know what you were thinking.
10:56 pm
i would suggest we pay attention to this morning. and watch carefully the ambitions not only of those who run a global but facebook get microsoft and all of the major technology social media giants of the world. particularly those who avoid reforms such powerful political organizations and alliances i only have to pick up a phone to call any world leader to urge their bidding. on monday k.t. mcfarland and teddy weisberg and more. have a great weekend. happy easter. good night from new york. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do.
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happy easter. neil: we don't trust anyone. trust me. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. good news apparently a good number are suspicious of those with good intentions it is so bad we ask if their intentions are good at all. it goes to the top of government. 49% the white house potentially told the irs to target conservatives. the same week six out of 10 think the president has lied in general to get his way that is the


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